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Tehran, with its not-so-distant antiquity, has its own special vestiges worth seeing. It used to be a village on the suburb of te old city-Rey. But the destruction of Rey by the Mongols must have led to the shifting of the urban center.
The settlement in this center gradually increased, so that it become the capital of country at the end of 18th century A.D.
As a result of the deep transformation in the government structure and finally the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran, this large and newly shaped city, Tehran, became the center of political and international attention as the capital of Iran.
Tehran has dry and hot summers, cold mild winters.

Flashing with brilliant aquamarine mosaic domes, lofty minarets, and studded with medieval splendour and some of the world's finest architecture, Isfahan is a visual treat and an indisputable center of attraction for everybody.
Most of the palaces, mosques, bridges and other buildings built under the Seljuks (11 A.D) and the Safavids (16 A.N.D) are still standing.
It survived attack by the Mongols and during the reign of Shah Abbas I, once again become the capital of Persia and reached its back of splendour and grandeur in this period, making it famous as the city called HALF THE WORLD.

This beautifully out gemstone amongst Iranian cities, the city of fascinating poems and enchanting elegies, the city of Shiraz, the capital of culture and litreture is situated on the green plains at the foot of the Allah-o-akhbar mountain 1,540 meter above sea level.
The antiqity of the city goes back to the period before Islam. After Islam and with the gradual ruin of the city of Estakhr, shiraz expanded and lfourished during the Safavid and Zand periods, until Vakil-ol-Roaya (the Defender of People)Karimkhan Zand made Shiraz his capital. The garden lanes of orangeries in this melodious city, filled with the souls of poets of Islamic culture and literature will always shine in the history of this city.
Because of all the ancient civilizations which have surrounded the capital of the Fars province, many famous ancient relic can be seen in Shiraz

Kerman is the last, and is aome aspects the loveliest of the Great Desert towns. Its gay, modest, carefree buildings, epitomizing the peculiar atmosphere of the city and its blue domes, tiled wind towers, magnificent carpets and most important of all, its clear air and exceptionally impressive night sky, magnetize everyone.
Around Kerman, colored like the surrounding desert, Bam is a magnificent ancient city. There, however broken, everything is still standing. The magnificent Citadel, the Carvansereai, the Bazaar, the stables and the Cistern are still distinguishable , arousing bitter-sweet feeling in visitors.

With a beautiful silvery beach, clear water, abundant date pals and acacia trees, kish is a visual treat for everybody. This
oblong Island, about eight by four mile, gained a deservedly great important in 12 A.D, when it relaced its more ancient reval Siarf.

Tabriz is capital of East Azerbaijan providence and fourth largest city in Iran . It was the second largest city in Iran until the late 1960s, one of former capital, and residence of the crown prince under the Qajar dynasty.
The city is the candle of freedom and home to many greet freedom lovers such as Sattar Khan, Bagher Khan, who have played a key role in launching the constitution reservation.
Tabriz is located in a valley to the north of the long ridge of the volcanic cone of Sahand, south of the Eynali mountain. The valley open out into a plain that slopes gently down to the northern end of lake Orumiyeh, 60km to the west. With cold winter and temperate summers the city is considered a summer resort.